Twist-Off jar sealer type ZSG-1

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Jar Closer

Capacity: 3500 - 9000 pcs
Jar diameter range 50 - 130 mm
Jar height range 60 - 250 mm
Lid diameter range 52 - 94 mm
Steam demand 30 - 50 kg/h
Steam pressure 0.2 - 0.4 MPa
Water consumption 100 dcm/h
Energy consumption 220/380 V 50 Hz - 1.87 kW
Weight approx. 1000 kg

Twist-Off jar sealer type ZSG-1, operating in the steam-vacuum system.
The use of this system mainly determines the high quality of the closure and thus allows the packaged product to be stored for a long time with a guarantee of full tightness.

The ZSG-1 can be used extensively in food processing plants, where it is a key component of the line for sealing products in jars.

Its great advantage is its compactness, ergonomics and flexibility, as it is possible to use jars of various sizes: from low and narrow to high and wide. In addition, the machine is easy to use, so staff do not need long and costly training; it is unquestionably durable, made of stainless and acid-resistant materials.

We are in possession of technical and start-up documentation.

Personal collection Glogówko 53a, 67-240 Kotla, Poland. Shipping possible by prior arrangement. Possibility of VAT invoice.

We have many other machines and equipment for the butcher and catering industry.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.
What's app: +48 694641679, +48 667020447

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