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Terms of Use


The website trobuy.fr, hereinafter referred to as "trobuy" allows its users to post or view classified ads for free.
The site is intended for individuals and professionals.
By posting and viewing ads on trocbuy, our users agree to our Terms of Use.
The site is published by Fornella sarl with a capital of 8,000 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number: 44215199900020,
having its head office at : 155, rue du château des rentiers - 75013 Paris.
The Publishing Director of trobuy is Mr. F. Joël Intracommunity VAT number : FR2144215199900020
For more information about the company, please contact our editorial team by mail.
If your request is related to an ad, you will find its reference in the internet address of the page of this ad.
Example : http://www. trobuy.fr/Aquitaine-Gironde-Cars-PORSCHE-911-type-996-3-6-162267.htm, the reference will be 162267
trobuy.fr is hosted by OVH. 2, rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix-France.

Preamble : Definitions
Each of the terms mentioned below will have the following meaning in the present General Terms of Use of trocbuy (hereinafter referred to as the "GTU"):

Ad :
is all the information provided by the user, these data are textual, audio, photographs, etc... with the aim of selling, buying or renting a property on trocbuy.fr.

is the one who places an ad on the site, it must be physical and major or moral.
The term "Advertiser" includes in the "Terms and Conditions" the two types of Advertisers placing ads on Trobuy, namely:
In the "CGU", we will find the term "Advertiser

The "Individual" Advertiser:
is a natural person who has reached the age of majority, it is not required to create an account to deposit or view ads on the site trocbuy.fr.
It can also be the professionals who deposit the advertisements in the headings: Jobs, Services, etc... in Metropolitan France and in the DOM-TOM

The "Professional" Advertiser:
it is a legal entity, its activity on Trobuy is exclusively for professional purposes,
He is obliged to open an account to place his ads in well-defined categories.

Fornella sarl
means the company that publishes and operates the Website, Fornella sarl, is a limited liability company, with a capital of 8000 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 44215199900020, whose head office is located 155 rue du château des rentiers 75013 Paris.

means all the services made available to Users and Advertisers on the Website, as described in Article 3.1.

The Website :
means the website operated by Fornella sarl accessible mainly from the URL and allowing Users and Advertisers to access via the Internet to trocbuy described in Article 3.1 of these "GCU".

Is a visitor, using trocbuy via the Website, computer, telephone and other ...

The purpose of the "GCU" is to determine the conditions of use of Trobuy made available to Users and Advertisers via the Website.
The conditions of subscription by Advertisers to the paid options (hereinafter referred to as "Paid Options") are set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale:

The use of our services can be done only after acceptance of our "Terms and Conditions", this acceptance engages your responsibility.

3.1 The opening of an account is recommended to individuals and mandatory to professionals of Real Estate, Automotive, Multimedia, and Home and Leisure.
Opening an account allows you to quickly post your ads and to better manage them.
To use our service, you must first have access to our site

Users have access to all the ads on the site.
They can also save them in the "my selection" space.
They can share the site with friends via social networks: facebook, google+ and twetter, share or send an ad to friends via the networks or by email.
They can contact the Advertiser by email or by phone.
Report abuse.

They can place ads.
It is recommended to have an account to better manage your ads on the site, for example :
. To be able to delete the deposited ads.
. To change the option.
. Modify your ad.


The periodicity, they can be :
- every day for 7 days
- every day for 15 days
- every day for 30 days

Option: PREMIUM Ad
This option allows your classified ad to stand out from the other ads on the site, it highlights it.
The PREMIUM ad guarantees your ad a good visibility.
By choosing this option, the ad appears in the top menu of the home page and internal pages of the site according to the user's search.
The PREMIUM option is subscribed to when you place your ad on the site, it can also be done in the ad management area, by clicking on the "PREMIUM Ad" option.
It is not free and will be charged to the advertisers.
It is strongly advised to add photos to your ad, adding photos is free for the first 5 photos, and charged for additional photos.
The PREMIUM ad is displayed in a random way. No refunds will be possible after your ad is displayed.

Option: Framed ad
This option allows you to make your ad stand out from the other ads on the results page.
It is framed with a brightly colored background. You can put this option on your ad, even after its validation, by using the password used when you deposit it, you can also do it when you deposit your ad, by checking the box "Framed".
This option has a duration of 7 days, 15 days or 30 days, and will be automatically deleted from our database after these periods, Trobuy can also remove it in accordance with article 2.4 of the General Conditions of diffusion of the site.
The advertiser may also, for any reason, remove his or her ad.
There is a charge for this option.
Your ad will be validated by trocbuy before its publication. A confirmation email will be sent to you after your payment.
If your ad is refused by trocbuy because it does not comply with the rules of diffusion, your payment by credit card will be cancelled. You will receive an information email.
No refunds are possible after the option has been set up.

Option: Top listing
This option allows you to move to the top of the list on the listing page and on the category page of your ad to give it more visibility.
You can choose: 7 days, 15 days or 30 days for the duration of your ad at this privileged location.
To subscribe to this option, you can go to the page of the ad, select "Top ad".
This option is not free.
Your ad will be validated by trocbuy before its diffusion. A confirmation email will be sent to you after your payment.
If your ad is refused by trocbuy because it does not comply with the rules of distribution, your payment by credit card will be cancelled. You will receive an information email.
No refunds are possible after one of our options has been put online.
Remember to subscribe to our free newsletter to be informed of the latest publications in the category of your choice.

Option: Urgent logo
The "Urgent" logo allows you to distinguish your ad from the rest of the listing of ads, the logo is a red banner with the words "Urgent".
You can choose: 7 days, 15 days or 30 days for the duration of your ad with this option.
To subscribe to this option, you can go to the ad page, select
"Urgent Ad".
This option is not free.
The payment of the options is done by :
paypal, click on Paypal to pay with your Paypal account or by credit card if you do not have a Paypal account or by
by bank transfer
No card or bank details are required.
You just need to have a phone, a phone call, and you get a code to value your ad.

3.2 Distribution of Ads

3.2.1 General rules
Any User can place Ads on the site, which gives him the status of advertiser.
The Individual Advertiser or "the individual" will place his Ad on the trocbuy website free of charge by clicking on the "Place your ad" button.
The ad will be put online maximum 12 hours after validation by our editorial team.
It will be published on our website and on all the websites of the flashregion network (option)

3.2.2 Advertiser's commitment
The Advertiser is solely responsible for the ads he places on our site, it must not :

- contravene any regulation in force.
- contain messages that are defamatory or harmful to third parties.
- contain a hypertext link to other websites.
- No deception on the quality of the property for sale.
- No statement that harms the interests or image of Trobuy
- We accept ads to sell your property, without advertising links
The advertiser is solely responsible for the content of his or her ad, and guarantees Trobuy against any conviction before the courts.
The advertiser releases Trobuy from all liability.
The Advertiser acknowledges that his/her ad may be deleted from our database at any time if it does not comply with our "Terms and Conditions". The Advertiser will not be compensated or reimbursed for any costs incurred for paid options.
The ad is present on our site for 60 days, beyond this period, the advertiser receives an email notifying him of the expiration of this one. He will be able to renew it.

3.3. Hypertext links

3.3.1. Links from the trocbuy website
Trocbuy may contain hypertext links to sites operated by third parties. These links are provided for information purposes only.

Fornella sarl has no control over these sites and disclaims any responsibility for access, content or use of these sites, as well as any damage that may result from consulting the information on these sites.
The decision to activate these links is the full responsibility of the User.

3.3.2. Links to trocbuy
No hypertext link may be created to the trocbuy website without the prior and express consent of FORNELLA sarl.
If a user or a legal entity wishes to create a hyperlink to trocbuy from its website, regardless of the medium, it must first contact Fornella sarl by sending an email via the contact address of the site.

3.5 Protection, collection, use and communication of personal data.

3.5.1 : Protection of personal data
In accordance with the law nº78-17 of January 6, 1978, known as "Data processing and freedoms", Trobuy was the subject of a declaration with the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms (C.N.I.L) under the number: 1583511.
In accordance with articles 38, 39 and 40 of law nº78-17 of 6 January 1978, all Users and private Advertisers (acting exclusively for private and non-commercial purposes) of the Service
of the trocbuy website have at any time the right to oppose, access, rectify, delete and oppose the processing of data concerning them.
They can do so by using the contact form

3.5.2 : Collection and use of personal data
To place an ad on trocbuy, the advertiser fills in a form with his phone number and email address.
trocbuy can use this information for various purposes:

Personal data
Personal data are collected when the advertiser fills in the form, he leaves his phone number, his email, his name, his first name.

Use of personal data
trocbuy can use these personal data for the following purposes:
To manage his ad.
To validate and publish his ad.
to send answer forms
to send commercial proposals of our service, reminders, invoices, follow-up of his ad.
the sending of commercial and/or promotional proposals, emanating from companies partners of trocbuy.
the sending of commercial and/or promotional proposals from trocbuy's partners.
data to third parties without the consent of the advertisers concerned, the sending of statistical satisfaction surveys.

3.5.3 : Communication of personal data
In accordance with the law nº78-17 of January 6, 1978, Trobuy undertakes to keep in its database all personal data collected.
By way of derogation, the User and the Advertiser are informed that Trobuy may be required to communicate the personal data collected
to authorized administrative and judicial authorities, only upon judicial requisition,

3.6 Commercial prospecting and unfair collection
It is forbidden to download data from the site for commercial purposes, under penalty of the
It is forbidden to download data from the site for commercial purposes, under penalty of criminal prosecution under articles 226-16 to 226-24 of the Penal Code, which punish the offence of unlawful collection of personal data.

4.1. Deletion of illegal Ads
trocbuy reserves the right to delete any advertisement that does not respect its rules of
distribution, without notifying the advertiser, who will not be reimbursed for the sums paid for an option, nor compensated.
4.2. Notification of abuse
Any visitor can report abuse to us, by email by clicking on the "contact" button.

5.1. Responsibility and obligations of trocbuy
trocbuy is subject to a system of reduced responsibility provided for in articles 6.I.2. and following of the law nº2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy.
Trocbuy is therefore not responsible for the content of the ads placed in its database by an advertiser.
trocbuy puts advertisers and users of its service in contact with each other, and is not responsible for either of them.

5.2. Limitation of liability
trocbuy commits itself to do everything possible to help users and advertisers to take advantage of its services.
trocbuy will not be responsible for the malfunctioning of its services, modifications, breakdowns, etc...
In general, all technical problems that may occur.
Advertisers and users are therefore solely responsible for any damage caused to third parties and the consequences that may result.

6.1. The trocbuy Service is protected by copyright laws and international treaties.
The content displayed is protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation, in accordance with copyright laws and international conventions.
Any unauthorized use of the Materials on the Website is a violation of copyright and constitutes an infringement.
It may also lead to a violation of image rights, personal rights or any other rights and regulations in force.
It can thus engage the civil and/or penal liability of its author.

6.2. Copying or reproducing all or part of the sites to another server or another location for the purpose of subsequent reproduction or redistribution is prohibited.
All Users and Advertisers of trocbuy agree not to :
to reproduce in number, for commercial purposes or not of the small Ads present on the site trocbuy.fr.
use a robot.
copy the information on media of any kind allowing to reconstitute all or part of the original files.
Any reproduction, representation, modification or extraction of all or part of the Elements in any way whatsoever, without the prior written authorization of Trobuy is illegal.
Any such illegal act shall engage the responsibility of its authors and may lead to legal proceedings against them, in particular for counterfeiting.

6.3. The brands and logos of trocbuy and trocbuy.fr, as well as the
brands and logos of trocbuy's partners are registered trademarks. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands and/or logos without the prior written authorization of trocbuy is prohibited.

6.4. Fornella sarl is the producer of trobuy's databases. Consequently, any extraction and/or reuse of the database(s) within the meaning of
of the databases in the sense of articles L 342-1 and L 342-2 of the code of the intellectual property is prohibited.

6.5. Fornella sarl reserves the right to take all legal action against persons who
against persons who have not complied with the prohibitions contained in this article.

trocbuy reserves the right to interrupt access to its site at any time, and even to modify its content or part of its content.
Users and advertisers must regularly read our "CGU".

The fact that a part of the "GCU" is invalid or illegal does not entail the nullity of the other provisions, which continue to operate between trobuy,
users and advertisers.
The present "GCU" are subject to French law.


Here your terms of use relating to the use of messaging and chat.